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Microsynth will be present at the following forthcoming conference & exhibition:

- LABVOLUTION + BIOTECHNICA from 16 until 18 Mai 2017 in Hannover, Germany. You will find us at booth H19/E79 (in case you still need a free ticket, let us know).


We are looking forward to seeing you at this event.


Fast & Cost-effective Illumina RNA Sequencing for Gene Expression Profiling

The new NextSeqTM 500 system from Illumina is perfectly suited for transcriptome sequencing. Seqlab-Microsynth can offer you a professional mRNASeq service including bioinformatics with rapid turnover time for an attractive price.


Please click here for more information and to see some project examples including pricing.


Fast & Cost-effective Illumina Sequencing of Bacterial Genomes

The MiSeq System is the perfect technology for fast and cost-effective sequencing of bacterial genomes. Seqlab-Microsynth can offer you a scalable and straightforward next generation sequencing service with short turnover times for attractive prices. An essential part of our full service is a conclusive bioinformatics evaluation.


Please click here for more information and to see some project examples including pricing.


Full Metagenomics Service (16S & ITS) for Profiling Microbial Communities

Interested to obtain more information? Then please click on "Read More" and you will be transferred to the NGS application part of the Microsynth website. Under "Related Downloads" you will find two documents describing in more detail how you can benefit from our service and know-how in the area of metagenomics.

Several years of experience render us the finest DNA sequencing service provider in Germany. No DNA is too sparse, no PCR-product too contaminated with secondary bands and no band shadow too difficult to clone for our sequencing service.

Single Reads
Primer Walking
Next Gen Sequencing
» Barcode Economy Run

Prepaid service with possibility for overnight sequencing
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» Economy Run

Non-prepaid service with possibility for overnight sequencing
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» Premium Run

Full and careless service with different treatment options
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Multiple Reads
» Barcode High-Throughput Sequencing

Prepaid service in 96-well plates
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» High-Throughput Sequencing

Non-prepaid service in 96- well plates
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Non-assembled Primer Walking Service (ss and ds)
Assembled Primer Walking Service (ss and ds)
Primer Walking Service for Sequence Verification (ss and ds)
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GLP-Compliant Sequencing

High-quality double stranded sequencing in compliance with GLP practices
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Other Services

Clone & Sequence
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Large Construct Sequencing
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Exon Sequencing & Mutation Detection
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De novo Sequencing
Amplicon Sequencing

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