Barcode Economy Run Service

Do you have a relatively high need for sequencing of routine samples such as PCR products or plasmids? Then we recommend our Barcode Economy Run Service.


To learn more about this type of sequencing service including pricing, please see the various sections below. To obtain information about detailed prices, please login to our webshop and download the current price list.


Main Service Features and Benefits:

  • Read length per run: up to 1100 bases

  • Standard primers and specific primers will be added free of charge

  • Failed reactions will be repeated on request free of charge

  • Convenient service

    • Easy ordering and overnight in-house production of specific sequencing primers

    • Pre-paid barcode labels can be purchased in batches of 50, 100, 250 and 500, or 1000. They have no expiration date and can be used by multiple researchers.

    • Each of our green barcode labels allows unambiguous sample identification

  • User-friendly and cost-free sample shipment: Just use either Seqlab-Microsynth’s pick-up service or request our pre-paid and pre-addressed envelopes for cost-free shipment via post mail (only available for German customers).

  • Rapid turnaround time: sequencing time in the laboratory <24h

  • Direct access to support by experienced academic staff (no waiting on a recorded-message hotline)

  • Additional services:

    • PCR purification available (additional fee is applicable)

    • Specific treatment for GC-rich samples (free of charge!)1


Prices go down to EUR 5.00 per reaction or barcode label (discount is dependent on purchase quantities)


Sample Requirements

General Information: DNA samples and sequencing primers can be sent pre-mixed (within one tube) or separate (different tubes). Each DNA sample should have a volume of 12 µl. In case you wish that Seqlab-Microsynth adds your sequencing primer, please make sure that you send us sufficient amount of your primer solution (minimally 20 µl of a 10 µM solution; in case you want to store your primer at our lab, consider that each sequencing reaction consumes at least 3 µl). DNA samples and primers for sequencing reactions are best dissolved in pure water. Alternatively, 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8) or 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8) with a maximum of 0.01 mM EDTA can be used for a better long term DNA stability. Standard TE-buffer is not suitable, because higher EDTA concentrations inhibit polymerase activity. Templates are stored for 1 week whereas primers will be kept at Seqlab-Microsynth for 1 year.


Sample Amounts & Concentrations:


DNA Template



Effective Amount

(in 12 µl)

Pipetting Scheme (Pre-mixed)


60-100 ng/µl2

720-1200 ng

12 µl DNA template solution + 3 µl sequencing primer solution


18 ng per 100 bases in a volume of 12 µl

PCR (200bp)

3.0 ng/µl

36 ng

PCR (300bp)

4.5 ng/µl

54 ng

PCR (400bp)

6.0 ng/µl

72 ng

PCR (>400bp)



Primer (pre-mixed)
Primer (separate)3

2 pmol/µl
10 pmol/µl = 10 µM

30 pmol



Important – Please Note!

Free Pick-up Service: Our customers in Germany may benefit from our free pick-up service. In order to determine whether there is a Seqlab-Microsynth collection box in your immediate vicinity, please register/login and see under “View Collection Points”. For all customers in Germany without a collection box close by, Seqlab-Microsynth offers convenient and cost-free shipment of samples via its pre-paid and pre-addressed envelopes.


Overnight Sequencing: Customers in Germany with direct access to a Seqlab-Microsynth collection box may benefit from our overnight sequencing service. Samples are processed overnight and results are ready for download from 9 AM on in the morning of the next working day.


How to Order?

a) To order a batch of barcode labels:

  • Enter our webshop

  • Click on Select Services in the “DNA Sequencing” menu

  • Click on Order Barcode Labels in the “Barcode Economy Run” domain and follow the further instructions

b) To submit barcode-labeled tubes for sequencing:

  • Enter our webshop

  • Click on Select Services in the “DNA Sequencing” menu

  • Click on Order Form in the “Barcode Economy Run” domain and follow the further instructions



1 You are recommended to choose this option in case your sequence contains GC-rich sequences or hairpin structures. We then apply a protocol which has been developed specifically for GC-rich sequencing templates. Routine samples show best results with the standard protocol, whereas GC-rich samples show best results with this new protocol.

2 In order to yield good sequencing results, please adjust your DNA plasmid solution within the requested concentration range. Please consider that the optimal DNA concentration is 80 ng/µl.

3 Direct primer synthesis for sequencing possible.




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Standard Primer List

Summarizes the pool of primers which are routinely stored at Seqlab-Microsynth and where you can select from (free of charge!).
Download list here.

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