Premium Segment — Overview

Are you looking for a Sanger DNA sequencing service that provides more than standard features? Then our Premium Segment is right for you.


Overall Service Features and Benefits:

  • Premium quality: The DNA concentration of all DNA templates is measured, and customized amounts are used for each individual sequencing reaction. This results in a major improvement of sequencing quality. Adapted protocols for different template types are used for further quality improvement.
  • Total quality control: Every sample is checked individually for in-depth monitoring of the sequencing quality. Individual tests are undertaken in order to elucidate the measures needed to improve the sequencing quality (additional purifications, fresh sample preparation, new primer synthesis, etc.)
  • Extended Certificate of Analysis available and/or customized documentation
  • Technical support & consulting via e-mail and phone: We will be happy to advise you on your experiments and work with you towards achieving successful sequencing results. Just send us an e-mail or phone us, and we will use our most sophisticated methods. 
  • R&D available for specific projects: Issue-solving involving all divisions (i.e. DNA Sequencing, DNA Synthesis, DNA Extraction, PCR Amplifications, Real-Time PCR, Genotyping, etc.)  
  • Additional services available: Whether picking your clones from an agar plate or purifying your PCR products, we offer flexible additional services to meet your needs. Just ask.

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