At the beginning of this year the two companies Seqlab and Microsynth have merged with each other. In the meantime we have worked hard in order to further improve our DNA sequencing services. All major optimization activities arising from know-how transfer between Seqlab and Microsynth have been finalized and implemented as of September 5th 2013. During the last couple of weeks, we have informed our customers about the most important changes and benefits. Here is again a short summary telling you which previous service will be substituted by which new service.


If you have used in the past the extended Hotshot and/or AdvantageRead on a prepayment model, most probably our Barcode Economy Run Service within the “Best Price Segment” will best fit your needs. If prepayment is no option for you, please refer to our Economy Run Service within the “Standard Segment”. Should you look for an alternative for the previous FullService, please keep an eye on our new Premium Run Service.


In general, lowest prices are offered for services within the “Best Price Segment” since they rely on prepayment or for projects with larger numbers of sequencing samples. Within the “Standard Segment” you will find the corresponding services requiring no prepayment. All those sequencing services which require a specific procedure or are supposed to sequence non-routine samples, can be found in the “Premium Segment”. Useful information and advices are provided under “Hints and Tips”.


If you have questions, you wish to discuss a specific project and/or just want to provide us with a critical feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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